Surviving The Heat

As we enter into June I know one of the things on everyone’s mind is surviving the heat that will be hitting us soon.  Throughout my years of counseling, I have noticed that drama and craziness seem to increase as the heat rising.  During these times many of us tend to allow our circumstances get the best of us.  There is no need to be frustrated and anger over situations you can handle.  Hey Soul Sistas would like to make this summer better for you by helping you deal with the heated issues in your life.  Our feature topic for June/July is Surviving the Heat.  Hey Soul Sistas would like to focus on all the topics women are concerned about, discussing, and most of all stressing over.  Which is why we truly need you assistance, support, and participation now more than ever.  We would like for you to tell us what hot topics you would like to be featured and we need you to participate and give your input.  Hey Soul Sistas feels that the only way we can become better women is if we help each other.  None of us have all the answers; which is why we should come together and share the lessons we have learned.  Not every Sista will be your friend, not every Sista will be your enemy; nonetheless, you can learn something from every Sista.  If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please feel free to contact us at

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