Love Shouldn’t Hurt

If you have ever been in love you know that sometimes love can hurt so bad emotionally that you actually feel physical pain.  No matter how hard the parties involved try to avoid this, it just can not be stopped.  Although it doesn’t feel good, one knows that the chance of a broken heart comes along with being in love. Along with broken promises, broken trust, and at times a broken ego.  It is natural.  What is not natural in love, is broken bones.  My blood pressure rises whenever I hear a woman say that her spouse only beats her because he loves her. That is a bunch of B.S.  If that is the way they show love I would rather be hated.  Anyone who tells you that they only hit you because they love you is usually insecure.  They will usually are set off by someone looking at you, you wearing something they do not approve of, or you giving someone else too much attention.  You may tell yourself it is just jealousy and he must really love you to go to such extreme; however, the truth is the problem is within him.  He is afraid of failing, of losing you, and of not being enough for you.  Instead of looking inside himself and trying to get help, he blames you from his problems and shortcomings.  You don’t have to take that type of behavior and you don’t deserve to be mistreated.  If you are living in this type of situation you must continue to remind yourself that love shouldn’t hurt like this.  A perfect relationship without flaws does not exist; nonetheless, there is only so much one can or should take.  I understand that it is difficult to let go when you are in love; however, at some point you must realize that love produces many things but not black eyes.

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