They Are Watching

When domestic violence hits a family it is never expected.  You plan to fall in love and live happily ever after; however, sometimes things do not go that way.  Being a victim of domestic violence is never easy and it comes with a host of problems.  One of those problems is the effects the violence may have on your children.  Whether you are raising boys or girls they will be highly affected by the violence taking place in the home.  I know it is difficult to remove yourself from a violent relationship and there are many reasons for that; however, when your children come into the picture you have to find the strength from somewhere to get out of the situation.  Children that witnesses violence in the home are more likely to act out at school and either be a victim or abuser themselves.  No matter how hard you try to disguise your bruises and cover up the abuse your children is aware that something is wrong.  Just like your kids learn many other things from you they will also learn how to deal with life and relationships from you as well.  Do not allow the cycle to continue.  Although it may be difficult to leave an abusive situation, you have to find the fight in you to move on for your children.  When you feel like giving up and giving in, when you feel there is no reason to go on look into the eyes of your children.  There you will find the strength you need to make changes in your life.

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