Hot Topic of the Week- Cheating

Hot Topic of the Week – Cheating

As we continue with our Surviving the Heat topic of the month we have come to a topic that many deal with but would much rather not.  This week the hot topic is Cheating.  Infidelity is such a hot topic that relationships have been ruined just from talking about it.  Hey Soul Sistas understands that cheating is a highly sensitive subject; nonetheless, we believe that  discussing it  be makes it easier to deal with.  Our mission is to assist sisters in making their lives better in every way and we will post articles,hold forums and discussions, and do all that we can to help educate women about how to deal with cheating, how to avoid cheating, and how to  tell if your spouse is cheating.  Hey Soul Sistas also believes that it takes the effort of a sisterhood to really make a difference; which is why we need you and your thoughts, opinions, and participation.  If you have any suggestions for this week’s topic, suggestions for another hot topic, comments, or questions please feel free to contact us through our Facebook page or you can email us at  Don’t forget to check out our website at  New articles coming soon.  Thank You.

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