Women Make It Easy For Men To Cheat

I know that many of you may have developed strong feelings just by reading the title of this article and after reading it  some of you will agree and some will not.  I can deal with that, I just hope you will learn something.  I truly believe that as women we make it easy and possible for men to cheat.  It all begins with the other woman, side piece, jump off, or whatever they are called.  If you know that a man is married or in relationship don’t settle on being his mistress.  When I hear women say that they don’t care about a man’s relationship status it disturbs my soul.  Nowadays everyone is looking out for themselves and don’t care who will end up being hurt by their actions.  It is wrong to enter into any kind of relationship with a taken man.  By doing so you are asking for trouble, pain, and heartache.  Now, if you are unaware of that info it is okay and you are a victim of his dishonesty as well.  However, if you find out  later in the relationship and continue to creep you are to blame as well.  On the flip side of things, wives and girlfriends also contribute in making cheating easier for men.  When you place most of the blame on the other woman for wrecking your home, rather than confronting your man he will not grasp the severity of his actions.  Realizing that there are minimal or no consequences for his infidelity will encourage him to continue being unfaithful.   Continuing to easily forgive your mate every time you become aware of his cheating will also encourage him to keep doing dirt.  You do not have to end a relationship over cheating but there need to be changes made in order  to get over the infidelity.   Stop making it so easy for these men to misuse and manipulate women.  Place the blame where it belong and stay away from unavailable men.  If we, as women, begin respecting one another and having each other back instead of  hating on each other and stabbing each other in the back  I guarantee there will be less cheating going on.  As women, we are blessed with power; just imagine what we could accomplish if we unite all that power.  I understand that if a man’s heart is not pure and he wants to do dirt, he will; nevertheless, women don’t have to make it so easy for them to do so.  We all deserve the best and you should not be satisfied with being second best nor should you be content having half of a commitment from your spouse.  It is up to us to change the game.

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