Hot Topic of the Week- Toxic Relationships

As we continue with our “Surviving the Heat” topic for June/July this week we will focus on toxic relationships.  We chose to focus on toxic relationships as the hot topic of the week because there are many women in relationships that are not healthy for them.  The problem is that many women are unaware of the fact that they are in a toxic relationship and others do not know or do not have the strength to get out of such relationships.  Toxic relationships are not just romantic relationships; they can also be relationships that one may have with family, friends, and colleagues.  Hey Soul Sistas will provide articles that will help sistas understand and deal with all toxic relationships.  With the assistance of our sistas we will also feature discussions, forums, and polls that may also help shed some light and understanding of toxic relationships.  If you have any information on this topic that you would like to share or have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us through our Facebook page or email us at  We would also like to announce the start of the Hey Soul Sista networking page at Ning. We invite you to visit and join.  The network site will allow us to better communicate with another and ultimately bring us closer together.   Thank You
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