You Have To Be Right For Mr. Right

As a counselor and a person dedicated to helping women I have heard so many stories of the hardships of finding a good man.  Although I have found my Mr. Right I sympathize with my sisters because everyone deserves to spend life with their soul mate.  Even though I may sympathize with women I do not believe that every time a relationship fails that it is the fault of men.  Finding the perfect man doesn’t guarantee happily ever after.  First of all, a man doesn’t have to be perfect he just need to be perfect for you.  Secondly, if you don’t have your life together you can not expect a man to come along and make everything better. In order for you to have a good life with a good man you must have your game tight. You can not expect a man to be at his best to want to settle down with someone who isn’t up to par. You should be in the right place mentally, professionally, financially, and personally. If you haven’t reached those goals you should be at least working towards them. By doing so, when your Mr. Right does come along the process will go smoothly and everything will fall into place. There are many women that miss out on good guys or run them off because their life is in such shambles when he comes along. As women, we are always talking about our needs, desires, and expectations from men while many of us don’t give much thought to what men need, desire, and expect from us. That is most likely because of the myth that all men need, desire, and expect is sex. Believing that will definitely leave you lonely. If you have certain expectations of what you want your Mr. Right to be make sure you are capable of being Mrs. Right.

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