Sports Time

Hey Sistas, we are in a crucial time in sports.  We are deep into the football season, the baseball season is winding down but the world series is still to come, and now basketball season has started.  Some Sistas are fans and will be on the couch cheering right next to their man but this is for the sistas that may not be interested in sports.  My advice to all my sistas that feel their life changes when sports enters the picture is, don’t trip.  Let your guy enjoy his sports and take that time to do something for yourself.  Go get a mani/pedi, catch a movie, or hang with your girls.  If you really want to excite things try watching a few games with your boo.  If you do watch a few games with your man be sure to ask questions about what’s going on at the right time and don’t fake the funk.  If you don’t like it sports, don’t act like you do just to please your man.  Remember, do not make a big deal about it  that time your man is spending with sports and when the games are over you and your love can start playing together.

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