Taking Care of Yourself – In Dating

Taking Care of Yourself -In Dating

Rules-2-300x297.jpg - Flock.jpgWhen we are looking for that special one, sometimes we can be so caught up in the finding of Mr. Right that we can forget some things that will help and protect us.  Do not let pressures to find a mate lead you to make mistakes.  As women, we must be careful when it comes to dating because there are so many dangers in the world.  You must take care of yourself in dating, just as you do with your health and finances.  Listed below are a few tips on how to take care of yourself while dating.

1. Do Not Appear Desperate

Whether you are casually dating or looking for a long term love you cannot appear desperate.  When you appear needy, men will try to get over on you. They will attempt to pull a wool over your eyes and tell you anything.  They think that because your desires for a man are so strong that they could get away with doing anything and telling you anything.  Men feed off your attitude about yourself and will use your weaknesses against you. 
2.  Know Who You Are Dating / Get Info

When you meet someone you are interested in or that you find attractive sometimes you can become so taken by their physical appearance that we forget to ask the real questions.  The questions that will tell you who they really are.  Doing that is a major no- no.  Before making a date, talk to him and ask him questions about his life, family, and job.  Listen carefully and pay attention, if the little things are not adding up than there is sure to be drama down the line.

Another important thing to do is to make sure the person you are dating is who they say they are.  Whether you meet someone at work, at the club, through a good friend, or in church it is always wise to run a background check on them.  Another tool in gathering info is simply talking to people who know him.  Do not be afraid of offending anyone because at this point your main concern is you.

3. Don’t Keep Secrets

No matter who you are dating never keep them all to yourself.  It is understandable that when you are in the beginning stages of a relationship you may not feel comfortable sharing info; however, you must confide in someone.  Tell a bestie, your sister, or your mom as many details about the person you are dating.  You don’t have to share the details of the relationship but someone should know who you are spending time with.

*On first dates have your date meet you at the destination or at a home of friends/family, so that they can meet him.  Also, send a pic of your date along with a brief description and his vehicle details (including license plate #) to a responsible friend/family member.   This may seem excessive but it could save your life.

4.  Trust Your Gut

W omen’s intuition is the greatest tool to use while dating.  If you sense something is not right, most likely something is wrong.  Don’t ignore your gut feelings, because he is fine or because you are lonely.  You intuition can save you from heartache and danger, be sure to use it.

5. Slow Down

Don’t rush into anything.  If for any reason things do not work with one guy then he wasn’t meant for you and your soul mate is still waiting for you.  Every woman deserves the best and good things come to those who wait.

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