New Beginnings

 New Beginnings


Are you at that point in your life where you are simply tired of your circumstances?  Are so tired that you feel like giving up?  If you find yourself in this position, it is important not to give up and to look for other options that can make your life better.  A great way to get over such feelings is to start over.  Whether it is just your hair, your style, or your job, making changes can restart your engine and give you the power that you need to go on.  899b5dc4e52b2a82655e60b4e3afabba.jpg

   Starting over can be scary, whether it is planned, unexpected, something you choose to do or something that is forced upon you.  To eliminate or limit the the amount of fear that comes with new beginnings think of it as a new adventure or a challenge that you must conquer.  By doing this you will replace fear with ambition.  Use this ambition to conquer your task

   Once you get over the fear that sometimes comes with new beginnings you will realize how much fun it can be.  You will also realize that change and starting over is needed to keep your life fresh and interesting.  The new year is always a great time to embark on new beginnings; however, if you feel the urge to start anew follow your instincts and do not wait for a specific time.  Good luck with all your new beginnings and endeavors.


Character We Love – Helen Simmons McCarter

Character We Love – Helen Simmons McCarter
The Diary Of A My Black Woman



Why we love Helen?  We love Helen because although she appeared weak she grew stronger right before our eyes. Helen was forced to change her life without warning, notice, or planning. And she did.  Not only did Helen deal with the changes in her life she managed to make a better life for herself.  Helen’s actions changed her life and the life of her husband, who was the source of her pain.  Helen showed many women that it is possible to begin again even under distress.  Yes, Helen was a mad black woman but that was what helped her overcome her pain, humiliation, and disrespect.  Many black women have done and will continue to do what Helen did everyday which is why it is great that there is a woman, although fictional, that we can reference and obtain strength from when we get tired and feel that we can not complete the journey of starting over.


Hey Soul Sistas

Hey Sistas,

Are you or ever been embarrassed, upset, or simply fed up with the image of women of color that is portrayed in today’s society.  Personally, I am so fed up that I  decided to start Hey Soul Sistas.  My vision was to create a movement that will change the way society sees us and most of all the way we see ourselves.  Women of color have been given many negative labels  and the sad thing about that is that many of us have become products of the negative image that society has branded us with.  The relationships between woman of color have been affected by this as well.  Personally, I want something more for myself and my sistas.  I am tired of hearing women complain about other women or say that they can not be friends with other females.  I believe that it can be different.  Women of color can be friends, there can be unity between us, and most of all we can help each other get through life.  We all know that life can be hectic and it is difficult to survive it alone, it would be wonderful to have others help us along the way.  I don’t mind sharing my experiences with another sister.  If she is going through something I already conquered it is only right to offer a helping hand.  That is what Hey Soul Sistas is about.  Sistas helping Sistas.  Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?  Aren’t we supposed to be supportive, loving, caring, and real with one another.  If you feel the same as I do and want to be a part of the strong sistas trying to make a difference please join me at Hey Soul Sistas.  My goal with Hey Soul Sistas is to connect women of color through common issues while educating and entertaining.  The problem that I am having is that I can not do this alone.  I need assistance from all my sistas.  I need your participation.  By commenting on our updates and blogs, taking part in our polls and forums, and answering our research questions you will have the opportunity to help, inspire, and educate other sistas.  You can encourage others through your experiences.  Just knowing that someone else has overcame the same issues can give many the hope they need to go on.  I would like to thank all of you for your support and participation this far and I thank those in advance that may choose to become more involved with Hey Soul Sistas.  If you have any questions, suggestions, or inquiries please contact me through the HSS Facebook page or email me at