New Beginnings – In Friendships

When people think of complicated relationships they usually think of romantic relationships.  Most peopleings  forget about the complexity of friendships and how stressful they can be especially when thing go awry.  If you are having issues with your current friends or looking for real friendships maybe it would be good to make a few changes. 

If your issue is:

Finding True Friends –  If you are the type of person that seem to always have people around, you are always out and about, and you seem to be very popular but for some reason you never feel any real connections.  What you need to do is slow down and focus on things in life that have more  substance.  While doing this you have more time to get to know other people and you will have more things to connect with them about.  Once you begin to make real connections you will be able to make true friends.

Break up & Make up Friends – If you find yourself constantly dealing with rocky relationships when it comes to your friends you definitely need to make some changes.  A true friendsjip is not a perfect one; however, it is one that you can depend on.  In this case, you must first evaluate the relationship and figure out if it is worth the stress.  Once that is established you should confront your friend(s) and together you should hash out your major issues and come up with a plan on how to deal with them without hurting each other. 

No Friends –  If you are someone that spends most of your time alone and does not know the joy of friendship I sympathize with you.  Having a real friendship is a blessing and a gift from God.  You don’t have to be cool or popular to have a friend.  There is a companion out there for us all.  What you must first do is practice opening up to others.  Once you become comfortable with others it should be easy to find friends.

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