Special Life Lesson for Week 1 of March 2011 ~ Social Networking Isn’t The Problem

Special Life Lesson for Week 1 of March 2011 ~ Social Networking Isn’t The Problem

written by: Jameka Murphy
inspired by: life

Earlier this week I read a horrifying article about two Brooklyn natives; one young lady killed the other after an argument that began on Facebook. The title of the article made me believe that without Facebook the murder would not have occurred. Although, the discussion started on Facebook the young ladies were friends who sometimes stayed together. They were bound to see each other and their petty disagreement over $20 would have eventually played out. Earlier this week, I read an article that blamed social networking for the escalation of the minor beef between R&B divas Ciara and Rihanna. In case you missed the brief spat began over a commented Ciara made about Ri-Ri while appearing on the Style Network’s Fashion Police. Although the show was supposed to focus the fashion hits and misses of The Grammys, Ciara took that time to explain how she had been recently treated rudely by the rival diva. Joan Rivers, the show’s outspoken host added that Rihanna was a bitch. Ci-Ci didn’t co-sign but she did not object either. A few hours later Rihanna voiced her sarcastic thoughts about the evening on Twitter. The ladies went back and forth with a few harmless yet funny jabs but being that the whole world was privy to what was said the incident was made bigger than it really was. The next day the two made up via Twitter after Rihanna, who probably thought about her actions overnight, admitted to Ciara that she was genuinely hurt and apologized. Soon after, Ci-Ci returned an apology to Rihanna and added that she should meet in person. This was just one of many beefs that have taken place on a social network. When these beefs erupted between celebrities fans do tend to pump up the disagreements; nevertheless, social networking can not be held accountable for the actions of human beings. Social networking is extremely popular and just as other popular things the scrutiny has begun for social networking. Facebook and Twitter are being blamed for all types of trifling behavior. The truth is people are going to hate on each other, argue, flirt, cheat, and be disrespectful with or without social networking. It’s all about the person behind the profile. If you are a cheater you will use social networking to cheat and if you are a trouble maker you use social networking to do what you do. The evil is not in Facebook, Twitter, BBM, or any other social networking site but in the people.

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