Special Life Lesson of the Week 2 of March 2011 ~ Put Yourself In Their Shoes


Special Life Lesson of the Week 2 of March 2011 ~ Put Yourself In Their Shoes

This week I became fired up by the heat The Miami Heat was receiving over a statement their coach made. Coach Spoelstra made a post-game comment claiming that some players were crying in the locker room because of their recent loss. Overnight the statement became the number one topic of discussion. Even distracting some people from the antics of Charlie Sheen. Many of the comments criticized The Heat players for crying over a basketball game and they were even called soft. Most of the comments were from other athletes; which I thought would have understood how emotional sports can be. Personally, I don’t understand the issue with a grown man crying in any emotional situation. Athletes poor their blood, sweat, energy, time, thoughts, and emotions into each game and for the preparation of each game. With all that how can we expect them to be stone cold after an emotional game. In situations like this it is best for everyone to put themselves in the same situation and really think about how it would feel to have everyone judging and commenting on an already emotional moment. We all need to reflect that way before we offer our thoughts and opinions on a situation. Life is unpredictable and you never know when it will be your turn in the hot seat. Think about how you would want to be treated if and when that day comes.

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