Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from My Black Is Beautiful

Pamper Your Mother:

Special Gifts for Her

This Mother’s Day, honor the mother in your life with a gift that says, “I love you” as it brings out her unique feminine quality. Shower her with rich skin moisturizers, make her lips sparkle and shine, and take a snapshot to capture the moment.

Get inspired with these six budget-friendly gift ideas.

Celebrate Her Beauty

Shake things up a bit when honoring your mother’s beauty. If you want to buy her flowers, determine the arrangement that best reflects her personality. For instance, if your mother is a romantic, generous dreamer who has a big heart, she might be drawn to bouquets with soft colors and light fragrances that are complemented by decorative ribbons and lace. If she is a bit impulsive and dramatic, she might be more attracted to bold arrangements filled with vibrant colors in contemporary and stylish containers.

Soften Her Skin

If you could bottle up a salon, stick a bow on it and give it to your mother for Mother’s Day, what would you put in it? New Olay® Body Collections can give your mom a spa experience right at home. Available in three different scents — Silk Whimsy™, Luscious Embrace™ and Purely Pristine™ — these luxurious collections each include body washes, a lotion and a massaging body bar. Invite your mother to experience the aroma of roses, crushed orchids and apples. She can have all the fragrances she loves for half the price she would pay at most bath and body shops.

Worry-Free Makeup
for Moms!

Watch “Living Room Bootcamp with Jeanette Jenkins” Video Clip

Keep your makeup light, sensual and in sync with the season! Let makeup artist Toni Acey, from the My Black is Beautiful TV Show, demonstrate how to even out your skin tone with these Sizzling Subtle Makeup tips.

Capture Her Motherhood

Commemorate her journey as a mother with a mother-and-daughter scrapbook photograph collage. This is a great way to express your appreciation for the woman who gave you life — or who has been there for you throughout your life — and it can make the perfect gift to pass on to generations to come.

Give Her Serenity

Pamper your mother with the ultimate form of relaxation: Take her to the spa! Most mothers love facials, full-body massages, reflexology and pedicures. But, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to break the bank to pamper Mom. Instead, choose one treatment you think your mother would enjoy. Or, let her experience relaxation at home. Olay® Professional Pro-X products can be the the perfect gift to help her deeply cleanse, exfoliate and fight off early signs of aging.

And Let Her Shine

Create a gift set filled with stylish goodies that will help her look and feel her best. Treat her lips to lip therapy with new CoverGirl® NatureLuxe Gloss Balm. Available in shades such as Peony, Cabernet, Spice and Coral, this lightweight SPF 15 balm can give her the sheer color and shine of a gloss, while its shea butter and mango ingredients can leave her lips feeling decadent and delicious.

Mom can enhance her beauty with CoverGirl Queen Collection Natural Hue Liquid Makeup. This lightweight, oil-free liquid formula has built-in moisturizers that continuously hydrate skin for a soft, smooth, radiant finish. And when she’s ready to showcase her beauty out on the town, arm her with a shampoo and conditioner made especially for women of color, Pantene® Nature Fusion. This collection is formulated with cassia essence, which can provide balanced moisture and strength against damage … leaving hair shiny and beautiful.

Celebrating Mother’s Day is all about making the mothers of the world feel good. And when she’s happy, perhaps the biggest gift of all is the priceless smile you put on her face!

May/ June Family Business

May/ June Family Business

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