Keep It To Yourself

As a woman I understand the need to consult and talk to your girls about your life; however, there are certain times you must limit the info you are telling even your closest friend.  Entering a committed relationship is a big step and with that step will come responsibilities.  One of those responsibilities is to protect your relationship.  A great way too keep your union from danger is by not tell your friends, even the closest ones, intimate details of your relationship.  Several relationships have been ruined because of the betrayal of a friend.  In some cases the betrayal was sexual and on others their business was spread to everyone causing a breakdown in the relationship.  If you want to maintain a healthy and secure romantic relationship do not, under any circumstances, reveal the too much information about it to your friends.  Even when you may be upset with your mate, do not use that opportunity to develop loose lips about your relationship or your spouse.  People will use the info you revealed during a vulnerable moment against you or to take your spot.  When things go wrong talk to your spouse.  Being truthful and honest about your feeling with your mate will limit confusion and opportunities to feel the need to vent.  If you are in a position where you can not talk to your spouse because you are too upset try venting in other ways.  Journaling is a good way to express your emotions without having to worry about betrayal.  I do understand that sometimes we need to converse with a human about problems in our life; nevertheless, you must be extremely careful when doing so.  If you must share intimate details of your relationship to someone make sure that you limit the amount of people you tell and be sure they can be trusted.  If you truly care about maintaining a healthy relationship you must protect it.

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