What We Learned From Films- Love Jones


Film: Love Jones
Starring: Larenz Tate as Darrius
                 Nia Long as Nina
Theodore Witcher: writer & director
Year of release: 1997

Besides confirming how fine Larenz Tate was and showing us how hot Nia Long and he looked together, "Love Jones" was filled with plenty of life lessons.  The lesson I would like to focus on is holding on to and fighting for true love.  When we first meet someone we have chemistry with everything seems to go easy for you.  All signs show that you two were meant to be.  This is what happened with Darrius and Nina.  If you haven't seen the film or  your memory needs to be refreshed I will take a few moments to explain.  "Love Jones" follows a writer, Darrius, and Nina, a photographer as they fall in love.  When Darrius and Nina meet at a poetry slam sparks fly but Nina doesn't give in so quickly, due to a recent breakup, which only seems to make Darrius more persistent.  Soon after a chance meeting at a record store and a little help from one of Darrius' friend Nina finally agrees to go out with Darrius.  Their first date began with a get together at a friend's house, continued at a reggae club, and ended with Darrius making Nina breakfast.  Although they both claimed that what they were experiencing wasn't serious, as they spent more time with each other they began to realize there was something more between them.  Things were going well until Nina's ex shows up out of the blue with a ticket to NY and an offer to get back together.  Nina, who had only been seeing Darius for a little while now, decided to go to NY and see if there was still something between them.  This decision was the beginning of the obstacles that Nina and Darrius had to face on their journey to finding and keeping true love.  Throughout time their love experienced highs and lows but in the end they found a way to hold on to that special love that they shared. 
     Like Darrius and Nina, many of us immediately feel that spark of chemistry when we meet our soulmate.  When you feel that it doesn't take much to get to get things started but it may not be as easy to keep things going.  Which was the case with Nina and Darrius.  Just because your love may be meant to be it doesn't mean that it will not be tested.  It is up to you and your mate to overcome those test and enjoy the love that you are blessed to have.  Do not give up.  Fight for your love and protect it from all outside interference.  "Love Jones" is definitely the movie you should reach for when you may be experiencing doubt or trying times in your relationship.