Share Your Love & Support Everyday


In honor of the lives that we lost ten years ago on September 11, many people are showing their support to others and sharing their love with one another. I love this; nevertheless, I wish that this type of humanity can be displayed everyday. I understand that today is extremely emotional due to the lives that were lost during the devastating attacks on our country but such lost is all the more reason to cherish the people in your life on a daily basis. You never know what will happen from one day to the next; which is why I would like to encourage everyone to bottle up that appreciation for life, love for fellow man, and support for those that service our country and community and release it daily. In conclusion I would like to say that, I am thankful for all the great heroes that serviced our country on 9/11/01 and that continue to do so everyday. I am also thankful for the everyday heroes that commit acts of kindness without being noticed.

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