Hey Soul Sistas Topic: Life As We Know It

As we continue on with our topic “Life As We Know It” we will continue to focus on ways to improve your life. While researching the topic I came across this article from Oprah.com. Each day I will post one way to upgrade your life. I hope that everyone will find something in this article that can help them improve their lives.

You and Improved: 30 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Life

What would it take to change your life for the better? It may be less than you think.

1. Get Fruitier

Apple,banana,pear,yawn. These exotic alternatives are packed with vitamins and fabulous new flavor. Rambutan Peel off the spiky red covering of this iron-rich Southeast Asian treat to reveal a translucent white orb with a taste that marries grape and watermelon. 3 more exotic fruits to try

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