#27 of 30 Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Life

You and Improved: 30 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Life
What would it take to change your life for the better? It may be less than you think.

27. Play Smarter

You can zone out with another round of Angry Birds-or kill time with these apps that work your brain. Unblock Me A frustrating yet addictive puzzle game in which you manipulate rectangles to free one from its blockade. iTunes,free; full version 99 cents. Android,free. 7 Little Words Each puzzle consists of seven clues that lead to seven mystery words made from 20-letter groups-let the brain racking begin! iTunes; free. Simple Physics Design sturdy structures-a skyscraper buffeted by hurricanes,a roof bearing a mountain of snow-without breaking your project budget. iTunes; 99 cents. Trixel You have a limited number of moves to navigate this visual puzzle,flipping tiles to match a set pattern. iTunes; 99 cents.

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