#30 of 30 Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Life

You and Improved: 30 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Life
What would it take to change your life for the better? It may be less than you think.

30. Make New Friends

You moved,you switched jobs,you lost your best pal to a new romance. Now what? Rachel Bertsche,author of MWF Seeking BFF,on how to solidify a new friendship: Don’t play hard to get. You might need to make the first move, and the second,and the third. People are busy in their routines. If you wait for reciprocity,you could be waiting forever. Be confident. Skip the dissertation-length explanation of why you’ve got time to burn. A simple “I’d love to get together sometime; are you available for lunch or coffee this week?” should do the trick. “Friending” is not befriending. It’s easy to get caught up in a virtual friendship,but monitoring her Facebook is not a real relationship. If she posts,”like” it-then meet IRL (in real life).

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