Positivity Tuesday February 14, 2012 Happy Valentine’s Day


There are so many strong opinions this day of love, Valentine’s Day. You have people who hate the holiday just because they are not in a relationship or have a romantic partner to spend the day with. On the other hand you have the people who go overboard and are filled with Valentine’s glee. Somewhere in between those two there are the people who celebrate Valentine’s day for the gifts they will receive. Valentine’s Day is not that complicated. It is just a special day set aside to show your loved ones how much you care. Valentine’s Day can be celebrated with anyone you love; it is not just about romantic love. It’s not about exchanging expensive gifts. A small token of your love should be enough if it is from the heart. Don’t allow this day of love be tainted by silly thoughts and man made traditions. Follow your heart and take the time to celebrate love, all love.

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