Think Thursday March 22, 2012: Thank You, Trayvon

What has happened to Trayvon Martin is devastating and horrible; nevertheless, the lost of his young life has brought some good to our community. We, as a people, have come together to fight an injustice. I am overwhelmed with pride while simultaneously disappointed that it always takes an extreme tragedy to make us join together and take action. Everyone is concerned and getting involved. Finally something is more popular on Facebook than fake flossing. This change is refreshing but how long will it last. Will we forget about the injustices that occur everyday once this matter has been settled.
Maybe if we acted as a united front all the time incidents such as this would not occur. Maybe if we focused on what is happening in the world around us besides living in a fantasy world we can work to make life better for generations of the future. Trayvon Martin is a true hero and we can not let him down or allow his death to be in vain. Let's show him that he has inspired us to get up and do something.

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