We Are All In This Together Wednesday March 28, 2012: WHAT WILL THEY DO NEXT?

img src=”http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/17h5mfg1lldg8jpg/medium.jpg” align=”right” width=”250″ height=”250″/>

What will they do next? This work of art, I say with much sarcasm, was made to embarrass, demean, and belittle The President of The United States. Personally, I believe that as the president you deserve a certain amount of respect. In my 33 years I have never witnessed the highest political office of the land receive so much disrespect. It is so out of control that they do not even hide it. The worst part about this ignorant activity is that most of it is unprovoked and without any justifiable reason. I say this because President Obama was the target of such smear campaigns before he took office. In the eyes of too many he did not deserve to be in office. For those who feel that way his accomplishments or lack there of (in their minds) doesn’t matter. As election day 2012 approaches I am quite sure that incidents like this will be frequent and the ignorance will increase.

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