We Are All In This Together Wednesday May 2, 2012 * Just Be My Friend


There are a few things in life that I don’t understand and one of those things are frenemies. There is no need for such a term. It’s simple, either you are my friend or you are my enemy. Life is too hectic to have to worry about being hurt by a friend. Those off and on love/hate relationships are stressful. When I become someone’s friend I plan on playing that position for life. If for some reason something goes wrong and that relationship changes I will step away for awhile because sometimes we all need space. What I will not do is use information gathered as a friend against them or to deliberately hurt them in any way. True friendships don’t end and those are the type of relationships I want to be apart of. As you make your journey through life try to choose friends that will not turn into frenemies. We all need friends, real friends that will always be there and that will always do right by you.

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