Fashion FunDay Friday May 4, 2012 * If You Are Feeling Bad, Try Looking Good


We all have those days where we do not want to be bothered and we would like to just stay in bed. Having a day like that is okay, like I said we all go through it; however, when it becomes a daily routine it is time to make some changes. When you are down in the dumps that is the perfect time to get up and get your fancy on. Don’t just do your regular routine; instead turn it up a little bit. You might not feel like a million bucks but you will look like it. As the day continue on you will begin to feel better. That feeling will come from the compliments you will receive from others and the confidence you will gain from admiring how wonderful you look. Eventually you will forget about whatever you were worried about, at least for a little while. The next time you are feeling emotionally spent, try pushing yourself to get fancy and I guarantee your will mood will change.

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