Ri-Ri & Breezy Kissed



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Written by: Jay
If you don't know, now you know that the rumors are true former couple, Rihanna & Chris Brown shared kissed at the MTV Video Music Awards.  As Rihanna  left the stage after winning The Video of The Year Award for her song featuring Calvin Harris "We Found Love" her and Chris embraced which led to a quick kiss.  This is shocking to many after all the drama that has occurred surrounding the two after the altercation between the two that left Ri-Ri battered and Breezy arrested with a tarnished rep.  The duo sparked rumors of hooking back up earlier this year when they collaborated on each other tracks.  The talk increased weeks ago when Rihanna appeared on Oprah's Next Chapter; where she revealed that Chris was the love of her life and that they will always love each other.  Of course this touching moment could be as simple as a friend congratulating another; however, it is juicier to believe that the superstars have rekindled their romance.   We shall watch and see!

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