Sexy Saturday September 8, 2012 ♥ Sista Too Sista Relationship Questions


Dear HHS,

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years.  I love him dearly and will do anything to make him happy but he recently he asked me to do something I am nervous about doing.  He wants to have a threesome involving another woman.  The problem is I used to date women but he doesn’t know that. I’m afraid that if I go through with the threesome I might want to go back to women.  I don’t want to hurt my boyfriend but I don’t want him leave because he is not sexually satisfied.  What should I do?

Please Help,
Confused Girlfriend

Dear Sista Confused,

The first thing you must do is be truthful with yourself.  Do you think that this threesome is that important to your relationship with your boyfriend?  If so, do you want to be in a serious relationship with someone with those type of needs?  If you do want a serious relationship with him you should tell him about your past and then together you guys can then decide if a threesome is what you two need in your relationship right now.   On another note, even if you love someone you should never do anything to make them happy if you do not feel 100% comfortable about it.  If your mate truly loves you they will completely understand.  Good luck with your decision, relationship, and most of all with life.


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