We Are All In This Together Wednesday September 12, 2012 * Is Bad Easier Than Good?


For the past few weeks I have been trying to understand why is it so easy for people to easily assume the worst or quickly begin to hate someone after one mistake. What is wrong with us a community that negativity towards others is much easier to accomplish than anything else. For example, the recent uproar caused by pop star Chris Brown’s new tattoo. The tat located on the right side of his neck is unusual and difficult to make out. People that noticed the new tattoo quickly assumed it was a face of battered woman; which of course led to the belief that the tattoo was of Rihanna’s battered face. Eventually Breezy’s rep and the tattoo artist spoke out denying both outrageous allegations. The tattoo is inspired by a Mexican sugar skull mask. In fact Brown brought in a cosmetic ad by M.A.C. that featured a sugar skull as a guide for the artist. If people would have waited maybe they would have soon discovered the meaning of tat ( the tattoo is still in the healing process) if they were that curious they could have did a little research to find the answer themselves. The main action that could have been taken would have been to just not worry about it at all. Of course people not immersed in pop culture probably had no idea that this was going; nevertheless, situations as these happens in all walks of life. Why is it difficult to assume the best out of a situation or to just remain neural minded until facts are revealed. I’m not sure about the tendencies of such things in other countries; however, it seems as for Americans being pestimistic the way to go. We do live in a world where no one is perfect and evil things do occur; nevertheless, it does not mean that we must live with no hope and without an ounce of faith in fellow man. I have no idea what can be done to change this way of thinking or if it will ever change. I am making it a point to pray that eventually the outlook that most humans have on the world will change and maybe the world will change along with it.

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