The Way Love Goes: Chris Brown and Rihanna


Chris Brown and Rihanna are once again in the center of the biggest celeb news of the week.  Thursday, October 4, Breezy announced that he has ended his relationship with Karreuche Tran because he does not want her to hurt by his relationship with Ri-Ri.  Later that evening a drunken and honest Chris posted a video on vimeo; in which he explains that he is in love with two people.  These actions come after several reports of Rihanna and Chris spotted together.  Things seemed to be headed in this direction every since Rihanna’s emotional interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter.  During the interview she mentioned that Chris was the love of her life and that she still loved him. 
I know that there will be many thoughts and opinions about this whole ordeal; however, I hope that for once people will remember that all the people involved are human just like us.  As humans your emotions can not always be controlled or directed.   After all that has occurred between the pop stars, many may feel that it is best for them to stay away from each other; nevertheless, if love is still there they owe it to themselves to give it another try.  If you have ever encountered true love you will probably understand.  Sometimes you may need to step away and better yourself in order to make your relationship better.   I hope and pray that both Chris and Rihanna follow their hearts, make smart choices, and disregard the haters.  The young stars have been through alot together and separately;  the should have learned enough to make their second time around a smoother journey.

Check Out “The Real Chris Brown” Video

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