Stacey Dash Casts Her Vote Early for Romney in California


Stacey Dash Casts Her Vote Early for Romney in California

Is She Serious?

Actress Stacey Dash is once again in the spotlight for her unusual and unpopular behavior.  Instead of promoting a project that she is working on Dash is promoting the fact that she supports Republican candidate Mitt Romney.  Please understand, I don't think that the actress support of Romney is unusual because I believe everyone should vote for the candidate that they believe is best for them and America.   What I do find unusual is the fact that Stacey is making such a major display about her choice for President at such a late point in the game.  If she feels that Governor Mitt Romney is the man for the job she has the right to vote for him.  That is one of the great things about our country.  I just hope Stacey's words and actions are authentic.  It is difficult for me not to believe that she is just seeking attention.  Dash was quickly pushed out of the spotlight when she lost her job on VH1's Single Ladies due to her outrageous diva behavior.  In the past Ms. Dash sought attention by revealing intimate details about a relationship she had with Jamie Foxx.  Many of Stacey's fans and haters are not pleased with her choice to support Romney and they were not shy about letting her know that.  Some people believe that as a black person she should automatically vote for Barack Obama; however, I believe that she, as well as everyone else, should vote for who they believe in.  What she should not do is use this as a publicity stunt.  Yes, other celebrities are promoting their candidates and some are just encouraging others to vote but it appears that Ms. Dash just hopped on this bandwagon.  Which is why I am not sure if she serious or not.  You can say that you voted or are going to vote for anyone; nevertheless, your true choice is between you and God.  I just wonder if Stacey knew that endorsing Romney would  cause such an uproar because of her race ,gender, and occupation and decided that any attention is better than none at all.  Her twitter followers have increased and she has been talked about and googled more now than ever.  Check out the article and figure out is she serious.


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